As a business owner, you have multiple important decisions to make. It’s inevitable that you need a printer and copier, even if your operation is mostly paperless. These are significant investments in your company and can make your materials look more professional, make your company run more efficiently, and even save you money. But now you have to ask yourself whether you should opt for copier rental/lease or if you should make the purchase.

Premier Business Technologies offers copier service, copier rental, and copiers for purchase in Baltimore and the surrounding areas. We use top rated copiers from the highest rated companies in the business. We can work with you to determine the best copier/printer for your business to help you succeed. To get a free copier quote for your business, fill out our simple form today!

You have the option with our copier service to lease a copier or to buy one. Read on to understand more about the perks of leasing and buying a copier for your business.

Why Your Business Might Prefer To Lease A Copier/Printer

  1. Save money upfront. You won’t have to spend several hundred or thousands of dollars upfront to pay for the machine in full. The cost is spread over several monthly payments that are affordable for most businesses’ budgets, making this a more financially feasible option for those who don’t have the capital upfront.
  2. Maintenance is less expensive. Many copier rental plans include support and service as part of the program, which can help you save money on service and repair costs.
  3. Ease of service. When your copier/printer needs service or repairs, you won’t have to take a shot in the dark trying to figure out who to call, asking for quotes, and put your trust in somebody you don’t know to get the job done right. You will have a reliable partner who can tend to your servicing needs, somebody you can call in a pinch when you’re not sure how to proceed.
  4. Get only what you need. Do you really need that machine with every bell and whistle imaginable that the salesperson upsold you? Shopping around for a machine is daunting, and you’re faced with hundreds of options. You might feel that you need something, but aren’t sure of what it does exactly, or if you’ll actually use it. With a copier lease, we’ll assess everything you do currently to make sure you get the perfect equipment.
  5. Upgrades eliminate the issue of obsolete equipment. Even the best equipment wears down and ceases to function correctly. You might try to put everything you can into resurrecting your printer until you can afford a new one. When you lease a copier, this is not the case. Many plans include options to upgrade your machine to newer and more efficient models, which is a huge benefit.

Why You Might Prefer To Buy A Copier/Printer For Your Business

  1. The cost over time is less. Buying means you’ll pay a lot more upfront, but that’s your only financial obligation (aside from maintenance and repairs, that is). Leasing can cost more than you would pay for a machine over the long run.
  2. No long-term contract. Leasing involves a contract for a specific number of years. You will be locked into that rate even if your business ceases operations until the end date of the contract.
  3. Tax-deductible. Buying a copier/printer is a tax-deductible expense. While you can deduct your leasing payment, the deduction will only be applied to what you paid that year, rather than the full cost of the equipment.
  4. Flexibility. When you own your equipment, you have the flexibility to hire any company you wish to service the machine, and aren’t tied to specific milestones for maintenance, as you would be with a lease. Premier Business Technologies is the copier repair service in the Baltimore area that you can trust, and when you need service, we want to hear from you!
  5. Regular service can be purchased. In some circumstances, you can arrange for a plan that will include service and maintenance for your purchase. This is a wonderful option, especially if you don’t have a person in your office capable of handling these tasks safely or proficiently.

Making the decision of whether to buy or lease your printer/copier will depend on many factors, as you can see. Contact Premier Business Technologies to discuss your options. We will help you make the best decision for your company. Contact us today!