When it comes to your phone system, the most important thing is that you have a product that works. Whether you’re a startup or have been in business for many years, having a working phone system is critical to your overall success. The business case for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is overwhelming. This revolutionary VoIP tech provides small enterprises in Maryland and frankly anywhere with multiple communication and collaboration benefits.

Small businesses that switch to a VoIP network could save up to 40% on local calls and up to 90% on international ones. That’s because VoIP uses an existing internet connection rather than a separate system or expensive hardware. With hosted VoIP service, you’re saved from the burden and risk of the expensive purchase of equipment. You save upfront with a smaller capital expense and in the long term by not having to replace old or faulty hardware that could soon become obsolete. Your business could be up and running with a reliable, hassle-free VoIP service. Since VoIP takes the place of traditional phone lines, businesses are able to reallocate money they would usually spend on phone bills to other parts of their business. If you’re interested in saving money for your business with a service that allows you to communicate with someone in more advanced ways than you could over a normal phone line, then VoIP is the choice for you. By switching to VoIP, consumers typically save a significant amount of money on their monthly phone service. With VoIP, there are fewer taxes and fees, a larger local calling area, and less equipment and hardware. Unlike most traditional phone systems, VoIP includes the features without charging you individual or hidden fees for each. Also, since there is less hardware and equipment, phone systems are easily expandable as your business continues to grow.

VoIP boasts more features than a conventional phone system, such as voicemail, on-hold music, and integrations with email, instant messaging systems, and call recording tools. For one low monthly flat rate per user, get unlimited local and domestic long-distance calling, free calls between offices, and voicemail. Since the telephone calls travel through your data network instead of a phone company’s network, VoIP allows for improved workplace flexibility that helps you reach your desired business goals. You can even keep your phone number when you switch to VoIP service. Then you can use the service anytime, anywhere, and you’ll experience crystal-clear voice quality with every call you make. You can also integrate your new system with call analytics software and generate real-time insights about customers and call center agents. Businesses can then easily use these metrics for predictive analytics. If you have a strong internet connection, expect clearer audio from VoIP than a traditional landline. Many businesses experience better sound quality when they invest in VoIP compared to traditional telephone communication systems. VoIP systems are easier to scale than traditional phone lines, which have limited channels for each circuit. VoIP lets you add as many channels as you like and scale your system as your business grows. VoIP has revolutionized the communications landscape, providing Maryland businesses like yours with an alternative to the traditional landline. This technology offers cost savings, features and integrations, clearer calls, and scalability.

When businesses consider VoIP services, one of the best aspects they appreciate is the cost benefits the service brings. Though it is a crucial aspect, effective communication is why businesses should consider, especially when resources are working remotely. The best VoIP providers in Baltimore implement features that ensure that the most critical calls never get missed. Such service providers that provide rank high on the quality, reliability, and ability indices include – in alphabetical order – Atlantic Business Systems, Beacon Cloud Voice, Charm City Networks, Chesapeake Telephone Systems, Commshark, ComTech Cloud, Improve Your IT, OmegaCor Technologies, Premiere Business Technologies, Technology Support Services, Telewire’s TC Clarity, and the list goes on.

Now you can benefit from ongoing support, security, and storage solutions by working with a VoIP managed services provider. Along with the benefits above, incorporating a VoIP phone system into your organization does not have to be a challenge. These systems require little installation and technical support. Using a hosted phone service quote provider lets you incorporate VoIP into your organization without the hassle.