Your company no longer has to rely on a restricted number of physical phone lines thanks to commercial VoIP services. Instead, you can use your VoIP provider’s method to access your VoIP number and make VoIP calls using your business phone number from your cell phone or PC. Best of all, your consumers’ caller ID will display your company’s phone number. You can also accept incoming calls from consumers, even if your device is associated with a separate, private phone number.

VoIP phone systems are more critical than ever before as at-home work becomes more widespread. No matter your size, Premier Business Technologies is a Baltimore VoIP company that can find a solution for your communication needs. Business VoIP has multiple options and can be built to suit your business’s needs.

Learn more about some of the types of companies that can benefit!

VoIP Systems For Mom And Pop Businesses

Small businesses can benefit from hosted VoIP because of the user-friendly interface, easy maintenance, and call forwarding features. This is especially helpful for those who provide a service that requires mobility. If you’re out in the field but don’t have a receptionist to field calls and take messages, having the ability to easily forward your line to your mobile phone is easy. You don’t have to go into the office to check voicemails because they’re sent right to your email or cell phone.

Medium-Sized Businesses’ VoIP Phones

Installing multiple phone lines with a switchboard is a thing of the past (and really, it should be!). With a hosted business VoIP setup, you won’t have to tie up resources training people to use the phones, won’t drop calls as quickly as before, and won’t have a complicated system to master. Video calling and conference calls are readily implemented, providing flexibility for everyone. Your employees and clients will thank you!

VoIP Telephone Systems For Large Businesses

Gone are the days of routing calls through a receptionist who has to answer multiple lines and transfers. With VoIP, you can set a number to ring multiple numbers within a department, creating quick and efficient call handling. You can create custom menus for getting customers to the correct department and number through an auto-attendant, making communication a snap.

Business managers can also keep logs of calls to track analytics, which will help streamline processes, manage staffing coverage, and cut down on wait times. Monitoring and recording calls are also possible through hosted VoIP to help with training and quality control. For Baltimore VoIP companies, contact Premier Business Technologies. We are a Baltimore VoIP provider who can help with all your communication needs, whether it’s a hosted PBX VoIP system, business Internet, business cable TV, or copier/printer service and leasing.

Other Benefits

Hosted Business VoIP provides the most up-to-date features to help your company become more productive. It includes all of the functionality you’d expect, as well as capabilities like:

  • End-user and administrative web portals
  • Within Outlook, you can use mobile and desktop apps to activate services like Instant Messaging, Call Jump, video calling, and click-to-dial.
  • To assist your consumers in reaching the appropriate representative more quickly, use an Auto Attendant.
  • To make your clients’ on-hold experience considerably more enjoyable, use Music On-Hold.
  • Optional call queuing, monitoring, and reporting features for contact centers

Push Your Company Into The Future!

When your consumer’s contact, providing a professional experience is crucial; it can mean the difference between winning and losing business. As a result, regardless of how small your company is, you should have access to the same features and professional capabilities as a large corporation, with hosted Business Voice over IP (VoIP). Premier Business Technologies offers a top-of-the-line phone system with all of the bells and whistles you’ll need at an unbeatable price.

There are no hidden fees with Hosted Business VoIP; you pay a monthly fixed amount for each phone. You may easily add new users to your account as your company grows. The flexibility of Hosted Business VoIP allows you to place a phone wherever you have an internet connection and have it work flawlessly with the rest of your company.

When you need business VoIP, get a quote from us to learn more about your options!