Let’s face it: acquiring a new copier is a time-consuming procedure that you’d rather avoid. You have a lot more pressing matters to attend to! So it’s enticing when you find an offer to lease a copier from a national dealer online. Complete the form and submit it.

The trouble is that the few minutes you save now could cost you a lot later. Here are some reasons why leasing a copier from a local service provider is worthwhile.

Are You Acquiring The Correct Tools For The Job?

When you lease a copier, it’s easy to forget essential information if your sole engagement with the service provider is through a generic form on a website page.

You’ll obtain equipment recommendations that correspond with your business goals after only a few minutes of talking over your needs with a local office technology consultant. Instead of getting what a distant dealer wants to sell, you receive what you need. Additionally, you will receive valuable financial guidance.

Here’s an illustration. We frequently come across firms in NYC that still employ a slew of desktop printers that are draining their budget. Often, we can offer a shared printer to replace those printers and save money while also providing current capabilities like mobile printing and increasing document security. In addition, when you lease a copier, you may be able to REDUCE rather than ADD to your print costs if you have an efficient print environment.

Will You Receive Satisfactory Services?

Of course, they must provide service, but they must outsource your service since they lack local service staff. That means they have a restricted number of technicians, have less control over their availability and timetable, and deal with more red tape.

What does this imply to you personally? Response times are slow. A repair could take days or even weeks to complete. Also, what happens if the technician arrives but does not have the required parts? You continue to wait.

When you lease a copier from a local dealer like SOS, we have a nearby parts warehouse and can ship parts over by messenger to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

We also have actual, live customer support representatives who answer the phone and can occasionally diagnose your issue and get you back up and running without a service call.

Will You Find Yourself Caught In A Terrible Deal?

You may be confused by the terms of a copier lease. Who will explain the terms to you if you lease a copier online and never speak to a person? Who will ensure you don’t sign something you’ll regret for the next five years?

We promise that spending a few minutes with a trustworthy local dealer to understand your copier leasing is well worth it. This will help you spot instances where those you’re considering are attempting to overcharge you, such as unnecessary insurance, growing payments, or extra charges you shouldn’t be paying.

To Avoid Future Hassles, Rent A Copier From Local Specialists.

We understand if you don’t want to speak with a dealer representative because you’re terrified of the hard pitch that’s so frequent in our industry. However, that is not how we operate. Thousands of businesses in the state of Maryland have used PBTechs because we make it simple to get the office technology you need on a budget and without difficulty.

To get things started, we have a simple form. Then, we’ll contact you to set up a 10-minute call. That’s all it takes to finish it and move on to the next task on your to-do list!

Contact us today to learn more about our multifunction printer and copier leases.