At Premier Business Technologies, we are dedicated to providing one of the best VoIP phone systems on the market. If you remember from our last blog, VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and is a voice communication system wherein your “phone number” is your IP address, and your calls are transmitted over the internet. While many people think that a VoIP phone system will be too complicated or not advanced enough, our VoIP system is easy to use and comes with a lot more features than simply making one-on-one voice calls. Today, we’d like to discuss just six of the dozens of features that are available with our VoIP system for businesses.


Features Available With VoIP Phone Service

Conference Calls

Conference calls are easy with VoIP. These days, the ability to do a conference call with at least three people is almost expected of business personnel. With our business VoIP solutions, businesses can participate in a three-way, password protected calls. You can even assign certain callers to be listen-only if a situation requires it.

Call Reporting

In businesses that do most of their services over the phone, such as a help centre or sales centre, the ability to easily track calls is imperative to ensuring that employees are performing at a certain level. With our VoIP system, calls can be recorded in real-time from the portal. Additionally, the system can also deliver information about call duration, date and time, and whether the call was domestic, international, toll-free, or other.

Enhanced 911 Support

When VoIP devices first hit the market, a big concern was that should a person need to call 911 from their VoIP, there would be no location associated with the call, meaning that emergency services may not be able to find you. However, the FCC now mandates that each VoIP device needs to have enhanced 911 (E911) features that allow a VoIP user to register their physical location, provide 911 with a callback number, and ensure that the 911 call is routed to the correct location.

Comprehensive Call Management

Our call management features allow you to put calls on hold, transfer calls while OR while not still on the line with the caller, and allow callers a voice menu option to try and reach you at up to five locations. You can also put your VoIP device on a “Do Not Disturb” setting to automatically send calls to voicemail, view a call queue to manage multiple calls, and access a company-wide directory through the portal.

Top Level Auto Attendant

This feature allows callers to choose options from a menu that will direct them to extensions, call queues, voicemail, conference rooms, and basically anywhere else in the system.

Location Flexibility

This is perhaps one of the most unique features that separate VoIP from a traditional phone. If you have an internet connection, whether at work, a hotel, at home, or your favourite coffee shop, you can have calls transmitted to your mobile device or designated phone. This is especially beneficial if you travel for business a lot. You can still receive calls like normal from your clients without a coworker having to awkwardly explain that you are out of the office.

Premier Business Technologies Offers Phone Solutions For Small Businesses

These features listed above are just a handful of available features with our voice solutions and are especially beneficial for small businesses. VoIP phone systems are less expensive than traditional phone service, yet it performs all of the same features and more. If you are ready to start experiencing the convenience of using a Voice Over Internet Protocol phone system for your small or large business, contact Premier Business Technologies today. We will work with your business to find the best solution, ensure that your IT infrastructure is ready for a quality VoIP, and get you started on your journey with VoIP. We even offer state-of-the-art telephones from renowned companies like Cisco and Polycom IP, automatic upgrades, and full IT support.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to by phone or through our online contact form to find out more about our VoIP phone solutions or about any of our other business solution services. If you’re still on the fence about VoIP, you can get a free Hosted PBX – VoIP quote today to see how much you can save by investing in the future of your business. Choose Premier Business Technologies for reliable service and products!