Companies seeking to improve office procedures frequently turn to new technologies for assistance. New copiers are an appealing alternative for organizations of all sizes because imaging technology is continually improving. The flexibility of leasing a copier from Business Copiers is one method to make your ambition a reality. We can meet your copying and printing demands from multifunction printers with complex capabilities to wide format printers. Whatever vendor you choose, knowing the appropriate Questions to Ask When Leasing a Copier is critical.

It would help if you asked questions about cost, customer service, and response times to be delighted with your copier provider.

Let’s get started so you’re prepared for your copier dealer interview. Then, when you’re speaking with a potential dealer, you’ll be prepared with these questions. You’ll know if you’re ready to move on and acquire a new copy machine once you get the answers.


  • Before signing on the dotted line, inquire about the copier vendor’s total lease or purchase price. “I know I need to find out how much an office copier costs before buying it,” you probably think. Take into account all of the aspects that go into the pricing of your MFP. For example, if you include any additional or advanced features, the price will rise. It would be best to think about the service contract and consumables like toners. All of these costs are factored into the total cost of the copy machine.

    An itemized list from your office copier vendor should show you how much everything costs. You can work your way down the list line by line until you reach the total cost.


The copy machine maintenance contract is as crucial as the equipment itself. The agreement will cover maintenance and repairs when something goes wrong, so you won’t have to pay out of cash.

Even if your copier is brand new, expect it to jam or display an error message from time to time, so never proceed without first signing a contract.

However, you must first determine the cost of your service contract before signing it. You must keep inside your budget, as crucial as this deal is. Make sure it’s reasonable so you can acquire the services you require without breaking the bank.


You can’t afford a significant loss in productivity. Therefore you need someone to come out and fix it right away.

Find out how accessible the service technicians at the copier dealer are. When you contact them, how quickly will they respond? What if it’s past business hours? Is it still possible for them to assist? Do you have a variety of options for people to contact you so that it’s as simple as possible?

Check if the company makes it simple to get your copier repaired. Next, you need to find a firm that will relieve you of tension, from quick response times to remote monitoring choices.

Final Thoughts

Finally, interview the dealer before you buy or lease an office copier. You’ll be bound into a contract once you purchase an office copier. It will be too late to modify your contract or choose a different dealer at that moment. To safeguard your interests and ensure that your office copy machine is operational, ask the questions ahead of time.

When you purchase or lease an office copier for your company, you can take advantage of our managed print services, quick response times, and a large staff of expert technicians. We’ll also help you pick a copy machine and a service contract that fits your budget. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our services.