Technology advances at a rapid pace, making it challenging to keep up at times. So, what alternatives do you have? What equipment do you and your coworkers require? What is the price of a business copier?

These are frequently asked questions. So, if you’re pondering the same thing, be assured that you’re not alone! The beautiful thing about buying technology for your company is that you have choices. So, isn’t it true that having alternatives is a good thing?

What is a Commercial Copier?

Commercial copiers are developed for commercial usage and, therefore, can generate many copies per minute. The key difference between a home copy machine and a commercial copy machine is printing volume, usually expressed in maximum pages per month. For different sorts of enterprises, different types of copiers and printers are created. It’s all about figuring out which one best meets your requirements and company needs.

Let’s have a breakdown.

Commercial copy machines range from 8,000 copies per month on the low end to 40,000+ on the high end. The standard commercial copier produces at least 55 ppm, and it comes with plenty of advanced features to suit the business needs. The cost of a commercial copier differs typically based on size to get an expensive one or a fair-priced one.

It would be best if you were prepared to answer the following questions to acquire the best business copier at the best price:

  • In a day, week, or month, how many pages do you print?
  • What more do you want your copier/printer to be able to accomplish?
  • Do you require color or black-and-white output?
  • Is this for a fleet, a small business, or a home or small office?
  • What are your plans for paying for this?

Below are determinants of the cost of a copier for both purchase and Commercial printer lease.

Are You Buying Or Leasing?

The average cost for commercial printers usually is $13,000 and for high-volume printers that are designed to work at a quicker rate than normal ones, expect to pay $35, 000. Of course, this is for brand new machines, but you also can buy used ones that start at as little as $6,000.

For leasing, the price is meager because you only pay an average price of $86. The price will be more if you rent more than one machine. For high-profile copiers that cost thousands of dollars, leasing them would cost a company a range of between $195 to $920. The printer leasing company can customize your leasing plans to get what you want on a friendly budget.


Well, it depends on your company’s specific needs, tastes, and objectives. The primary distinction between leasing and purchasing an office copier is the money outlay. If you buy a copier entirely, you will pay a higher upfront fee. The majority of firms choose to lease a copier since the initial investment is low.

Buying copiers cost a lot of money, and your business may not be in a position to raise the cash. You can leave to prevent yourself from financial constraints. This is mainly for those who want to lease a printer for small businesses. Remember when you rent, even repairs are done by the leasing company. You save a lot and still get your job done.

Get the copier that’s perfect for your needs!

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