Technology has quickly changed the terrain of ordinary life during the last few decades. No one could have predicted that we would be walking around with smartphone technology and continual internet access as we do now.


Even though many things have changed, one piece of technology has remained in our lives in a recognizable form: copy machines or printers! As with whatever has persisted this long, some myths and misconceptions regarding copy machines are sure to continue. And that’s what we are going to cover here at Premier Business Technologies. Let’s take a look at a few that we’d like to dismantle.

1. Copier Machines are susceptible to failure.

Have you stayed up all night doing some paperwork and encountered some problems? There is a paper jam. Do you need to gather the necessary paperwork before a crucial appointment with your boss? These are circumstances that everyone can relate to, but we’re here to inform you that copy machines don’t break down very frequently. In terms of failure, the fact is that a printer is a machine, and all machines, if not properly maintained, are prone to malfunction. Copier machines aren’t any different. The fact is that the office copier is prone to failure because it was acquired a decade ago and has had little maintenance. The necessity of having experts accessible to service your machines regularly is emphasized by copier on-demand. Are you looking for a copier for lease in the Baltimore area? You can count on us!

2. Larger copy machines are preferable.

Larger printers provide more features and output; at least, that was the case for a long time. Even medium-sized copy machines nowadays offer outstanding output and a variety of valuable functions. Why choose a vast and expensive copy machine if you have a small or medium-sized corporation or a firm that does not require a lot of documents when a smaller tabletop machine would suffice? Our representatives can assist you in determining which size is appropriate for your company. The best part of a photocopier lease in Baltimore with a copier on demand is that you can easily upgrade to a larger machine as your company expands. One of the main advantages of lease a printer for business rather than buying one is the cost savings.

3. Printers with several functions are costly.

We occasionally get calls from small firms seeking a low-cost copy machine. They are afraid to take the plunge because they believe they will get by with a home printer. Despite the higher initial cost of leasing a copy machine, the cost per print is frequently cheaper and more cost-effective than purchasing a low-cost printer from a retail store. Ink prices will burn a hole in your pocket due to the inefficiency of tiny inkjet printers.

Copier Leasing Services In Baltimore

Premier Business Technologies can help your business prosper, whether you plan to use the benefits of an office copier lease or you already have the equipment and need assistance maintaining it. If you’re looking for Copier Leasing in Baltimore or the surrounding Maryland area, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a free quote!