As a business owner, you are bombarded with hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions that may affect your bottom line. Whether to buy or lease your copier is one of the most important decisions you will make.

Buying provides several advantages, including equipment equity, tax depreciation, and the ability to resale the equipment. However, the benefits of leasing a copier greatly exceed these disadvantages. Let’s look at some of why Copier Leasing is preferable to purchasing it.


How many times have paper jams and other mechanical concerns brought the rest of the day’s activities to a screeching halt? Isn’t it going to be costly? Leases are accompanied by a maintenance and service package that assists anytime it is required.

Throughout the leasing period, you’ll have access to a team of qualified technicians that are ready to assist you. Plus! Coper Leasing services also include a long-term refresh cycle to ensure that you may upgrade your copier or printer with the most up-to-date technology at the lowest possible cost.

Lower upfront costs

You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars upfront to get the equipment you need. Some Copier Leasing Company do not require a downpayment from businesses, and if they do, it is little compared to paying the entire amount upfront. You might use the money saved to modernize your phone system, enhance your internet, invest in an after-hours answering service, improve the design of your website, or even buy ergonomic seats for your staff.

The ability to upgrade

As your company expands, so do its requirements. Copier Leasing is an excellent option to check out a model and see how it fits in your business if you’re not sure which sort of copier will work best. Having a single model in the workplace allows you to track how often it is used and which features your employees use.

Try the latest features

New copiers are released regularly, and they frequently include new and useful features. When a business rents a copier, however, it may swap it in at any moment for a newer model. Furthermore, if they discover that they no longer require as many copiers, they may return them without selling them on the secondary market.

Allows you to meet your business needs

Every company is distinct, with its own set of requirements and difficulties. As previously said, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Every business owner must decide whether to lease or purchase. In the end, the selection is based on what is best for your organization at the time. Therefore it’s critical to base your decision on current demands and balance the benefits and drawbacks properly.

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