office copiers

Going paperless has no disadvantages. However, having a 100% paperless company may not be as advantageous as you may believe. Even in this fast-paced digital world, office printers and paper copies are critical to your company’s success. Therefore, it’s vital to keep both printed and online content in your business plans if you want to create a well-rounded, multi-faceted company.


We’ve compiled a list of the top five reasons why we believe you should keep your workplace printers!



Even if your office is paperless, this does not ensure that all companies and people will follow suit. Of course, your business system is unique, and eliminating office printers may not be as effective for them as it is for you. We understand that this no longer applies to all companies, but you get the idea. Consequently, your company must print hard copies for clients who require paper copies.


Giving your consumers the choice of getting their bills digitally or in the paper looks excellent as a business. So let them decide on how best to serve them.


You don’t need us to inform you that computers crash for various causes that we may never be able to predict. In the worst-case situation, your company’s data, papers, and spreadsheets might be permanently deleted, leaving you scrambling and, more than likely, delaying the completion of critical projects. While technology has dramatically enhanced the corporate sector, there will never be more reliable document storage than paper papers kept in a secure location. If you’re still not convinced, consider backing up all your stored data or creating a disaster recovery plan.



Even if it’s just once in a while, it’s still nice to get something in the mail that’s addressed particularly to you. Sending little mailers or discounts to your customers is a great way to show your commitment to them while also making them feel valued and different. Even a brief, customized message may help you maintain and build your relationship with the customer.



Don’t you want your company’s products and services to reach as many people as possible? You can’t only target online markets with your advertising and promotional materials to achieve this. One of the simplest methods to immediately connect someone to your internet activities is to incorporate and distribute authentic print products (such as flyers and pamphlets). They will look you up further online after seeing your business on paper.


Don’t allow the movement toward paperless offices to obliterate the value of using office printers. These five steps will ensure that you understand how critical it is to have workplace printers, especially if you want your company to thrive. Contact us now to discuss how office technology can help you earn more business and provide you peace of mind.