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Many companies can’t afford to purchase a quality copy machine for their business. However, the company still requires the use of a copy machine. This can be quite a predicament for many businesses with a low budget, so that leasing services can be a great solution. Instead of shelling out funds your company can’t spare, you can lease a copy machine. By leasing a copier, you can benefit from having a copy machine in your office without paying the full purchase price.  Copier leasing is one popular option that businesses consider when they acquire a new device for the office. When chosen with care, it can allow an office to embrace more powerful technology at a fraction of the cost of purchasing while keeping all expenses known. Leasing office copiers is a financially sound decision for any business, whether they are strapped for cash or bringing it in hand over fist. 

Upfront Cost of Leasing

One of the main reasons to consider leasing is the upfront cost, or rather, lack thereof. Instead of putting down a large lump sum, you can spread out payments over several years. If managing cash flow is a concern for your business, this may be the best solution to get new equipment without making major changes in the budget. The lower leasing payments may open up more options for higher-end equipment that is simply unaffordable when paying the entire cost upfront. If you want the newest technology working for you, leasing could be the best way to achieve that within your budget. Additional benefits to leasing include (1) upgrading incurs little or no out-of-pocket expense, (2) the option to buy out your device at the end of your lease, often at reasonable market value, (3) a longer payment period may mean you can upgrade to more advanced technology, and (3) qualifies as a business expense rather than a capital expense / depreciating asset.


A printer or copier represents a significant investment for any company. Not only do the prices of these devices frequently range into thousands of dollars, but ownership comes with its own responsibilities. From the acquisition cost to maintenance and supplies, owning a printer or copier can significantly impact a company. In contrast, leasing an office copier alleviates many of these costs. Depending on the provider, it’s possible to find leasing options that involve no acquisition cost, include maintenance, come with managed services, and upgrade easily. In the market for a new printer or copier, leasing one might be a smart move. Rather than purchasing the device outright, leasing allows a company to enjoy advanced technology at a reduced cost. That’s great news for companies with a limited budget or a dynamic office environment where printing demands might change.

If you’re a growing business, you may opt for the lease to keep your capital for other business needs. You’re not alone. Did you know that most companies lease their copiers or MFPs for this very reason? Over 90% of the businesses go with a lease. These are called equipment financing leases. Authorized copier dealers or manufacturers usually provide them, and a business can’t get them directly from a leasing company. Instead, it would be best if you went through a dealer relationship with the leasing company. Whether purchasing or leasing, check with a reputable technology provider first. Their expert guidance can help uncover which route is best for a particular office and recommend solutions the company might not have considered.


The best copier leasing companies include

  • Great America
  •  Wells Fargo
  • Marlin Business Services Corporation
  • LEAF Commercial Capital, Inc

Now, if you like these companies, what you can do is ask the companies that you are considering purchasing your next copier from who they do their lease business with and request these leasing companies.