Commercial copiers are meant for business use and are designed to produce a large amount of copies per minute. The standard commercial copier produces at least 55 ppm and it comes with plenty of advanced features to suit the business needs. Cost of commercial copier normally differs based on size so you can get an expensive one or a fair priced one. Below are determinants of the cost of a copier for both purchase and Commercial printer lease.

Are You Buying or Leasing?

The average cost for commercial printers is normally $13,000 and for high volume printers that are designed to work at a quicker rate than normal ones, expect to pay $35, 000. This is for brand new machines but you also have the option to buy used ones which start at as little as $6,000.

For people who are leasing, the price is very low because you only pay an average price of $86. The price will be more if you rent more than one machines. For high profile copiers that cost thousands of dollars, leasing them would cost a company a range of between $195 to $920. The printer leasing company can customize your leasing plans so that you get what you want at a friendly budget.

Should I Buy or Lease a Copier for My Business?

Well, it all depends on what your business needs. Buying copiers cost a lot of money and your business may not be in a position to raise the cash. You can leave to prevent yourself from financial constraints. This is especially for those who want lease printer for small business. Remember when you lease, even repairs are done by the leasing company. You save a lot and still get your job done.

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